Electronics and the Wearable Form ⚡️👗

Instructor: Niki Selken 💻 🔮

This course introduces the basics of analog and digital inputs/outputs, electronic components, and basic coding for microprocessors, for use in wearable objects, jewelry, and sculpture. This course is recommended for sculptors, fine artists, fashion designers, jewelry designers, and anyone interested in incorporating light, motion, and interactivity into their projects.

Learning Outcomes:

Explore the Technology Map



Technnical Books

Theory Books:


Tools and Materials You Might Want To Experiment With

1. Paper related

paper (or appropriate substrate for the workshop)
X-Acto knife
small tip brushes
tape (single, double sided, and/or glue dots)
hot glue
wire clippers
wire snips
woodless graphite pencil

2. Electronics

A variety of LEDs of your choosing. Keep aesthetics in mind and default to diffused! 360° LEDs + 5050 SMD LEDs + 5MM in bulk I usually get one of the big kits from Evil Mad Scientist.
220 Ohm Resistors (red, red, brown)
10 K Ohm Resistors (black, brown, orange)
3V Lithium Batteries
Small Neodynmium Magnets (you can get these from AI Friedman, the Container Store (look in the office section), or online)
Alligator clips
Copper Tape (1/4″ width)
Bare conductive paint pen or container Also available at Radioshack or Adafruit
Coin cell battery holders (at least 3)

Arduino Uno
Small Recording Module

3. Fabric

A basic sewing kit including needles, thread, seam ripper, etc.

Conductive Ink

CuPro-Cote conductive ink at EMF
Silver conductive ink at Conductive Compounds
Bare conductive ink for the body at Bare Conductive

Resistive Ink

Y-Shield resistive ink at EMF
Liquid Graphite resistive ink at Guerra

Thermochromic Ink

Thermocromic water based inks at Matsui
Thermocromic plastisol inks at Ebay
Thermocromic inks Kits at Ebay

EL Ink

Electroluminescent ink and other EL display materials at Gwent Electronic Materials

Other Inks + Pigments

Pigments and unique paints at Guerra
Water based silk screen kits at Victory Factory

Conductive Textiles

Conductive Fabric for circuits at EMF, Sparkfun and Silverell
Conductive Thread for sewing machine at Sparkfun
Conductive Thread for hand sewing at Sparkfun
Resistive Thread (light gray) at EMF
Velostat by 3M at EMF

Conductive Tape + Adhesive

3M™ Copper Conductive Tape at Tedpella

Documentation Sites

For tutorials and inspiration. Basically black holes of internet click throughs.
Margarita Benitez (Truly exhaustive)
How To Get What You Want (You should explore this often)
Kit of No Parts
3lectromode. Avant-garde crafting and consulting in fashionable technologies (This is fairly new, and it is fantastic.)
High Low Tech Group @ MIT
Open Materials
ITP’s Physical Computing Page
Their sensor workshop site is also fantastic.
Soft Circuit Saturdays


Influential People to Google.
Leah Buechley
Catarina Mota
Adrian Freed
Hannah Perner-Wilson
Jie Qi
Kate Hartman
Anna Valgårda
Marcelo Coehlo
Jamie Zigelbaum
Lara Grant
Sarah Grant
Kaho Abe
Becky Stern
Liza Stark


To browse or include on your regular checklist.
How to Get What You Want
Adafruit’s Wearable Tech Blog
E-Textile Summer Camp
Open Materials
Materiability Research Network You must join to access
Bitcraft Lab
Eyebeam Computational Fashion
Soft Circuit Saturdays No longer publishing, but good stuff.

Arduino blog
Popular Science

Creator’s Project
Creative Applications
F.A.T. Lab

Soft Circuits



Please include anything else fun that you think might be of interest!
Wet Felting
LEDs in Parallel and Series
Leah Bucheley Tutorials
Physical Computing
Make Magazine
Lab.thebrothersmueller ( thermochromatic-ink )

Courses + Research

Coming soon.
School of Making, Machines and Make-Believe Berlin
Computational Textiles Group
Smart Textiles Design Lab Blog at The Swedish School of Textiles